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​​​​​Clients seeking to buy or sell real estate and maximize investment returns often outsource that process to Amstar Partners, Inc. Our in-house acquisitions and dispositions professionals have access to capital sources, property owners and investors around the world.  
Acquisitions:  We assess short- and long-term strategic objectives, determine requirements, research availabilities, solicit proposals, and negotiate purchase agreements for our international clients.

Dispositions: Following the valuation of a client's real estate portfolio, Amstar Partners, Inc. develops and recommends a disposition strategy to reduce costs, improve efficiency and achieve objectives. The strategy and process may lead to an outright sale, trade or sale/lease-back solution. Amstar Partners, Inc. identifies target markets and prepares offering packages for viable purchasers in both the U.S. and international markets. 

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Credit Risk Lending 
Credit Risk Lending (CRL) financing is a very effective alternative for real estate assets supported by Tenants with investment-grade credit (S&P BBB- or better). CRL financing offers real estate developers better terms and provides faster execution for construction, acquisition and refinance loans. CRL financing has been a successful source of real estate financing for decades, and has become increasingly more common given the current limitations of traditional real estate finance markets. Estimates place the CRL finance market size in excess of $5 billion per year.       

Typical CRL transactions are non-recourse and fully amortize over the terms of the lease. However, alternative structures are available on case-by-case basis. While traditional loans focus on the value of the property and underwriting criteria, CRL financing primarily emphasizes the credit quality of the tenant. The discounted value of the property cash flow is sold to institutional bond investors through a “non-rated” private placement in order to generate the loan proceeds. 

Sale-Leaseback Finance 
A sale-leaseback is a financing transaction where a company sells its owned reale state and simultaneously leases the property back on a long-term basis. The company retains complete operational control over the property, as if it were the owner.A sale-leaseback provides more proceeds than debt financing (100% of fair market value vs. 60%-75% of value, respectively). In addition, a sale-leaseback represents a safer source of capital, because it contains no financial covenants and it never needs to be repaid. To compensate for these benefits, sale-leasebacks are more expensive than debt. Sale-leasebacks also increase shareholder value and improve company liquidity. A sale-leaseback releases capital tied-up in a low-returning asset, and allows a company to invest in its higher-returning core business or repay existing debt. 

Project Finance 
For projects of $10,000,000 to $500,000,000 or more, Amstar Partners offers a comprehensive funding approach to commercial financing needs that are often unavailable from banks or traditional commercial channels. Amstar Partners, Inc. can caters to your unique circumstance and structures financing very creatively based on assets, experience, projections, and unique aspects of your project. Our unique, well-established relationships with individual investors, private entities, hedge funds and bank make 

EB-5 Finance 
The EB-5 finance provides Immigrant Investors with a United States visa. This provides a method of obtaining a green card for foreign nationals who invest money in the United States. To obtain the visa, individuals must invest $500,000 into a “Regional Center” in a "Targeted Employment Area" - high unemployment or rural area, creating or preserving at least 10 direct/indirect jobs for U.S. workers. We work directly with the largest EB-5 marketing company in China that funded over a $1billion in 2013

PROVIDING ALTERNATIVE FINANCING AND helping clients maximize return on investments.

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Across industries, borders, and markets, we provide unparalleled transaction expertise that turns vision into realty.  From planning through execution, we work timelessly to help our clients capitalize on financing opportunities and achieve future goals.

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